Abilene has a Culture of Life

We already have the local solutions to take care of the next generation through life-affirming pregnancy, foster care, and adoption non-profit organizations.

Abilene will be a Sanctuary City for the Unborn

We already have a strong and large community who stand for life and have a commitment from an attorney who is willing to represent the City of Abilene at no cost to the city or taxpayers for any litigation which might result from the passage of the Abilene Ordinance Outlawing Abortion.

Project Destiny is focused exclusively on the passage of this Ordinance which bans abortions in the City of Abilene. Project Destiny is overseen by a leadership team, has volunteer coordinators overseeing various areas of the campaign and a ground swell of volunteers that are passionate about DEFENDING THE DEFENSELESS.


Project Destiny’s focus is on PROTECTING LIFE. Life of babies in their mother’s wombs and the life of precious girls and women struggling with an unplanned pregnancy.


Project destiny is asking you to join us in answering the call in Ezekiel 22:30

to STAND IN THE GAP and be salt and light in a world of darkness, pain and